What McDonalds Does Not Tell You About The New CBO
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What McDonalds Does Not Tell You About The New CBO

McDonalds has released the new CBO sandwich. It centers around white cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, and caramelized onions. You can get it in three different ways. It is served with a meat patty, grilled chicken patty, or with a crispy chicken patty. McDonalds touts it as having a bold new taste. What is behind this new taste will open your eyes.

Fast food restaurants frequently change their menus and add new items in attempts to entice more customers into their establishments. Most of them center their advertising around taste and visual appeal. The nutrition value is usually an afterthought or is brushed aside entirely. The McDonalds new CBO is a sandwich where the nutritional value does not get a lot of exposure and there is a good reason why.

The new CBO burger comes with a 1/3 pound Angus meat patty. The burger as a whole has 790 calories. No other burger on the menu has more than 790 calories. In fact, the Big Mac has only 550 calories. A Whopper, Whataburger, and Sonic burger all have fewer calories. The sodium content of the CBO burger comes in at a staggering 1830mg. Only the Angus Bacon & Cheese on the McDonalds menu has a higher sodium content. The fat content is a whopping 41g. That is the second highest amount next to the Quarter Pounder with cheese. What about the cholesterol total? It has 150mg which is also second to only the Quarter Pounder with cheese.

Crispy chicken sandwiches are never considered healthy menu choices but the CBO Crispy Chicken Sandwich has 630 calories. That is more calories than the Big Mac or the Quarter Pounder With Cheese. It also has 1630mg of sodium which is more than any other chicken sandwich on the McDonalds menu. In fact, that is more sodium than any chicken sandwich that Burger King, Whataburger, or Sonic has to offer.

The CBO Grilled Chicken Sandwich is better for you but not by much. It has 480 calories, 16g of fat, and 1460mg sodium. That is still more calories than the Double Cheeseburger and just 70 calories less than the Big Mac. The sodium content is more than every burger on the menu except the Angus burgers. Most grilled chicken sandwiches have less than 1000mg of sodium, but the CBO beats almost ever grilled chicken sandwich on the market. Grilled chicken sandwiched are also normally very low in cholesterol, but the McDonalds CBO has 100mg which is higher than half of the burgers on the menu.

Cheese and bacon are both red flags and when you add both of them together on a sandwich. The calorie, sodium, and fat content go sky high. Eliminating cheese and bacon on any sandwich or burger will normally reduce these numbers by almost 50%.

Burgers are never part of a healthy diet, but having one every once in a while will not kill your diet. The problem is finding one that will do your diet the least amount of damage.

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