The Comfort Foods That Can Make You Skinny
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The Comfort Foods That Can Make You Skinny

list of comfort foods that can make you skinny

Too much of a good thing is known to be a bad thing for you. Or so the cliché goes. However, there are some things which can actually be good for your body, even in great amounts. There are food items which people have thought to be bad for your health, but in truth are not that bad at all.

Why do feel-good foods like chocolate and chips tend to make you feel fat after eating them? Why do you reach for the takeaway pizza menu when you become stressed out? According to some experts, people are psychologically programmed to crave for foods that they associate with their childhood, or the happiness they felt when they were kids. There are other people who say these foods are only eaten to make a person feel better. One thing is for sure though, when people feel down in the dumps, they reach for carbohydrates. These types of foods help release serotonin. This is a chemical in the brain that helps make you cheerful and happy. So what’s the secret to eating loads of carbohydrates the correct way?

While carbohydrates are very vital to a person’s healthy diet because they are excellent sources of energy, you need to be aware of their glycaemic index (GI). Glycaemic index or GI is a ranking of the different carbohydrates. It is used to describe how quickly the carbohydrates certain food items contain are digested and absorbed into the blood. Foods that take the fastest to be digested and absorbed have a GI of 70 and above and foods that are slow to be digested have a GI of less than 55. The sudden rise and fall of the glucose levels in your body after eating high GI foods saps your energy. Here are some foods you could indulge in minus the feeling of guilt or without gaining weight.

a. Porridge or oatmeal. This has a medium GI. Natural oats are great for your body and your health. Oats are excellent sources of soluble-fiber and are even rich in vitamin B6 which actually stimulates the production of serotonin. Oats also help absorb the toxins of the body. You should add peaches, strawberries, bananas, cherries or plums. These will help keep you full.

b. Pasta. Most of the pastas have low GI’s. Yet, the additives on the pasta are what count the most. Tomato-based sauces are your best bets. Steer clear of cream sauces and swap high-GI dinner rolls with sourdough bread which is a bread known to have the lowest GI ranking.

c. Pizza. Pizza has a medium ranking GI, but you can lower it down through several changes. Go and choose whole wheat or thin crust instead of high-GI white bread, and try to avoid cheese-filled crusts as much as possible. Toppings like tomato, low-fat cheese, mushrooms and olives are good low-GI options, and try to add herbs like basil or garlic.

d. Potato. Potatoes, especially sweet potatoes have low GI levels. If you’re craving for mashed potatoes, you should be savvy.

e. Dessert. Ice cream and cakes have relatively low GI but contain empty kilojoules, which mean they are loaded with sugar but with no nutritional benefits. Get a low-fat version and add fresh fruits to it. A few squares of antioxidant packed dark chocolate will also go a long way, and then sprinkle some nuts on top.


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