New Fast Food Menu Items For 2013
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New Fast Food Menu Items For 2013

The new year is upon us and many retailers and restaurants have rolled out new products for the consumers in 2013. The competition is fierce in the fast food industry and most of them are trying new ideas on the public. Some of them are bound to fail but a few will prove to be hits. Here are some new fast food menu items for 2013. A few of these items will prove to be quite unhealthy.

Burger King Avocado & Swiss Whopper / Philly Chicken Sandwich

Burger King is introducing two new sandwiches and both of them are high in several unwanted categories. The new Avocado & Swiss Whopper has a beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, and a layer of guacamole. Cheese, bacon, and avocado are not a healthy mix for a burger and it shows. This burger has 730 calories, 39g of fat, and 100mg of cholesterol. Add a large order of fries to it and you will have almost your daily limit in all 3 categories.

The Philly Chicken Sandwich has a chicken patty, cheese, and a sauce with onions and peppers. Chicken sandwiches are normally a healthier option to hamburgers, but Burger King is changing that philosophy. The Philly Chicken Sandwich contains 550 calories, 25g of fat, and a whopping 1870mg of sodium. If you add a small order of fries to this sandwich, you would be over the recommended daily allowance of sodium.

Sonic Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Sonic has introduced 3 new grilled cheese sandwiches. The new sandwiches are the Cheddar Bacon Ranch Grilled Cheese Sandwich, the BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and the Philly Steak Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The new sandwiches are 30-40% smaller that the Sonic Burger, but they are only slightly lower in most nutritional categories. The most notable thing about the new sandwiches is the high sodium content. All 3 of them have over 1000mg of sodium, and 2 of them are in excess of 1200mg. This exceeds the amount for both the Sonic Burger and the Sonic Cheeseburger. Consumers watching their blood pressure might want to avoid these new menu items.

Jack In The Box Bonus Jack

Jack In The Box is re-introducing their Bonus Jack sandwich. It includes two meat patties, cheese, and a secret sauce on a triple layer bun. Jack In The Box had it on the menu back in 2010 and has decided that there is enough demand to bring it back. The Bonus Jack has 540 calories, 33g of fat, 88mg of cholesterol, and 1062mg of sodium. Leave off the special sauce and these numbers would be a lot less.

Taco Bell $1 Cravings Menu

Taco Bell has had a value menu in place for quite some time called the “Why Pay More”. It consists of several items priced at 89 cents and others priced at 99 cents. The fast food chain is now unveiling a new menu called the “$1 Cravings Menu”. This new menu is being test marketed in several locations in the U.S. It expands on the “Why Pay More” value menu by offering new items such as the spicy cheese roll up, a spicy chicken mini quesadilla, and a beefy cheesy burrito which is smaller in size than the other burritos that Taco Bell normally offers. If the new menu proves to be a success at the test locations, Taco Bell is expected to put this new menu in all of their stores later in 2013.

Wendy’s “Right Size Right Price” Menu

Wendy’s has changed up their menu by adding a new “Right Size Right Price” menu. It now replaces the 99-cent menu with 18 menu items that start at 99 cents and go up to $1.99. Wendy’s says that the value menu expansion gives the customer more options and it helps the fast food chain adjust pricing on items that cost more.

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