Lose Seven Pounds Quickly Eating Fast Food
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Lose Seven Pounds Quickly Eating Fast Food

Make tasty, low-fat fast food choices and lose the weight. A guide to healthy fast food items.

How can you lose seven pounds eating out?  By making healthier and wiser fast food choices that are waist-friendly.  Here are your guidelines:

  1. Avoid the sweetened beverages and soft drinks.  Go for plain water, or if that's too much, the lemon water or stevia-sweetened flavored water beverages.  The average soft drink serving contains a whopping 240 calories and over 20 grams of sugar.  This is a double-whammy because you not only have the extra calories to burn, they are also empty calories the body does not use.  These empty carbs deposit themselves in all of the wrong places, so do your bod a favor and don't go there.
  2. Most fast food salads aren't that much better than a Big Mac or Whopper as far as caloric content goes.  One of the highest fat items in the fast food menu is the salad dressing.  Its combination of oils and high fructose corn syrup sweetener packs in the calories.  So before you slather that chicken salad with your favorite dressing, count the dressing calories.  Opt for lo-calorie dressings - or none at all.  Also, adding bacon or bacon bits can add a lot of calories.  So add a few croutons instead for flavor.
  3. Turkey burgers, where available, are a lower-calorie alternative to the beef burger. 
  4. Can anyone say, Subway 6-inch sub?  The days of the footlong sub are numbered because it is a larger portion than most sedentary workers do not need.  Once the body's caloric-energy demand has been met, the excess goes to the love handles, abdomen, thighs, etc.  So cut down on your portions at each meal. 
  5. No fries, please.  Fries can have as much or even more calories than your burger.  Stick with healthier options that I'm encouraged to see more big-chain restaurants offering, like the Apple fries (minus the caramel dipping sauce), fresh fruit cups or the small yogurt cup.
  6. Try a veggie burger or pattie.  These have gotten tastier over the years from when they first started appearing on fast food menus at Burger King and Subway.  They have lower fat and calories than your standard beef burger or chicken sandwich. 
  7. Brown bag it.  If you can fix your own healthful lunch, opt for whole grain breads or pasta, low-fat meats or veggie meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  You will love yourself for making healthier choices. 

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Comments (3)

Great tips. Fast food world that we live in needs to be put in check! I'll follow your advice. One point up!

Good tips on how to eat fast food and yet remain healthy.

Good share.