Is McDonalds McRib Less Healthy Than A Burger?
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Is McDonalds McRib Less Healthy Than A Burger?

The following that the McRib sandwich from McDonalds has is somewhat of an enigma. It has developed a cult following and people will make special trips to McDonalds for them. No one claims that these specialty pork sandwiches are healthy, but are they are unhealthy as a burger from the regular fast food restaurants.

The McRib sandwich at McDonalds was introduced to the menu in 1982 but sales were slow and it was taken away. It made a return in 1989 and stayed on the menu until 2005. A grassroots campaign was organized to try and convince McDonalds to bring back the sandwich. McDonalds finally realized that they had a hit on their hands and started to promote it. Like Disney with their videos, McDonalds now brings back the McRib for short periods of time with a big promotion. The McRib has gained a lot of notoriety but just how healthy is it?

The McRib consists of boneless pork, BBQ sauce, pickles, and onions on a bun. The simplistic nature of the menu item and the lack of cheese or bacon would lead one to believe that it might not be too unhealthy. The only way to know for sure is to do a full comparison.

The McRib has 500 calories, 26g of fat, 980mg of sodium, and 70mg of cholesterol. Lets see how it compares to thepoular burgers on the market.


Sonic Burger – 740

Whataburger - 640

Whopper – 630

Wendy’s Single - 580

Big Mac - 550

McRib – 500

Jumbo Jack – 490

The McRib falls in the lower end of the spectrum on calories but it is not significantly lower. Surprisingly, the Jumbo Jack beats out the McRib head to head.


Sonic Burger – 48g

Whopper – 35g

Wendy’s Single – 33g

Whataburger – 32g

Big Mac – 29g

McRib – 26g

Jumbo Jack – 23g

The McRib is next to last once again. However, the other burgers are tested with mayonnaise, which brings up the fat content quite a bit. The fat content of the McRib is all in the meat and BBQ sauce.


Whataburger – 1520mg

Wendy’s Single – 1240mg

McRib – 980mg

Whopper – 980mg

Big Mac – 970mg

Jumbo Jack – 910mg

Sonic Burger – 760mg

The McRib falls into the middle of the pack in the sodium department.  Anything that comes close to 1000mg is not good considering the recommended daily allowance for an adult is only 2400mg.


Sonic Burger – 110mg

Wnedy’s single – 105mg

Big Mac – 75mg

McRib – 70mg

Whataburger – 65mg

Whopper – 65mg

Jack In The Box - 60mg

The McRib falls right into the middle of the pack again which is not a particularly good thing. Burgers are notoriously high in cholesterol and the McRib stands toe to toe with them.

The McRib is a popular sandwich for those that like a BBQ pork sandwich. It’s staying power and customer loyalty has been impressive. If you are looking for something a little healthier than a regular burger then keep looking. The McDonalds McRib is not the worst item on the menu but it is not healthier than your standard burger.

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