How To Eat Healthy At The Cheesecake Factory
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How To Eat Healthy At The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a restaurant that is well known for it's lavish desserts and large portions. The Cheesecake Factory does not make thier nutrional information very easy to find and for good reason. The calorie counts on many of their dishes can be quite high compared to other restaurants. It is not easy to find a healthy meal at one thier restaurants, but with some effort you can find a meal that won't bust your belt.

The Cheesecake Factory is a restaurant chain that was founded in California in 1978. They are known for their lavish desserts and large meal portions. The Cheesecake Factory is also famous for the high amount of calories in their dishes. These large numbers have been one of the reasons why The Cheesecake Factory makes it difficult to get nutritional information on their menu items. Finding a healthy meal can be a monumental task, but with some effort it can be accomplished.

The appetizer menu is filled with pitfalls. Almost every dish has at least 600 calories and the Factory Appetizer Favorites has 3220 calories and 6700mg sodium. The Vegetable Chopped Salad has only 280 calories and 520mg sodium. It would be wise to steer clear of everything else.

The pizza menu is another dangerous category. The healthiest one has more than 1300 calories and they just go up from there. The pizza in this restaurant is a definite detriment to any diet.

The lunch specials are definitely a mixed bag. Many are over 1000 calories but a few are at a more reasonable level. The Soup And Salad combo has just under 500 calories and the ½ Turkey Sandwich has 470 calories and 670mg sodium. The Simply Grilled Salmon is also a good choice with just 480 calories and 200mg sodium. If you want a healthy side dish to go with it, then the broccoli at 30 calories and the green beans at 60 calories are two good choices.

The lunch pasta is the category to definitely avoid. Every pasta dish has at least 900 calories and is also sky high in the sodium department.

Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory can be even trickier for your diet. 17 dinner specials over 1400 calories including the chicken and biscuits with 2260 calories 2870mg sodium. Even the Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken has over 1200 calories and 2300mg sodium. The Grilled Mahi is a good choice with only 470 calories and the Grilled Salmon has 710 calories. Chicken is normally a good choice, but not at The Cheesecake Factory. The Mesa Chicken has 1050 calories and that is one of the better choices. Most of the other chicken dishes have 1300 – 1500 calories. They also have 5 pasta dishes that contain more than 2000 calories each. Avoiding the pasta would be a wise choice.

If you want a healthy side to go with your meal, there are three that would be good choices. The asparagus has 45 calories, broccoli has 60 calories, and the green beans has 60 calories.

The dessert menu is where The Cheesecake Factory has made its reputation. The menu is vast and has several exotic choices. Unfortunately, every dessert on their menu has over 700 calories and most of them have over 900 calories. The desserts are tempting, but it would be wise to skip them.

Eating healthy at The Cheesecake Factory is a very difficult task. It is easy to consume a day’s worth of calories in just one meal. However, if you choose carefully, you can get a meal that won’t expand your waistline.

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Comments (2)
Ranked #4 in Eating Out

Great article mark. The only thing is that when I go to the Cheese Factory, I don't go to eat healthy, I go to indulge myself.

Valuable information. But it's so tempting to eat unhealthy at the Cheesecake factory.  Thanks