How To Eat Healthy At Olive Garden
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How To Eat Healthy At Olive Garden

Choosing a healthy meal at Olive Garden can be a daunting task. Many Italian dishes are very high in both fat and calories. Even the appetizers can contain enough fat to put you over the recommended daily amount. In spite of all the unhealthy dishes, there are some that will not completely buts your diet.

Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant chain that was founded in 1982. Currently they have over 700 locations worldwide and have become one of the most recognized chains in the industry. Italian food is notorious for being high in fat and calories and Olive Garden is no exception. They have quite a few dishes that are loaded with high amounts of calories, fat, and sodium. In spite of some of the alarming nutrition numbers on the menu, you can find some healthy dishes.

The appetizer menu at Olive Garden is filled with many pitfalls. Most of the items are loaded with fat. Surprisingly, the Stuffed Mushrooms are one of the healthiest choices you can get. They only have 280 calories, 19g of fat, and 720mg of sodium. The Fired Zucchini is not far behind with 37 calories, 22g of fat, and 800mg of sodium. The Calamari is the item to definitely avoid. It has 54g of fat and 2340mg of sodium. That is almost one full days worth in just one appetizer.

The popular Garden-Fresh Salad only has 130 calories, 4g of fat, and 530mg sodium per serving, but if you have the dressing that normally comes with it then it jumps up to 290 calories, 20g fat, and 1530mg sodium. If you prefer soup over salad, the Minestrone only has 100 calories and 1g of fat per bowl. Breadsticks come with the salad and they are not bad in terms of calories or fat. You can order dipping sauce for the bread, but that would not be a wise choice. One small container of Alfredo dipping sauce contains 38g of fat.

The entrees contain a wide variety of fat and calories. The Linguini Alla Marinara has only 430 calories, 6g fat, and 900mg sodium. The Parmesan Crusted is also a good choice with 400 calories, 7g of fat, and 910mg sodium. The Cheese Ravioli With Marinara sauce has only 660 calories and 22g of fat but it does have over 1400mg of sodium.

There are a few entrees that should be avoided at all costs. The Tour Of Italy has 1450 calories, 74g fat, and a whopping 3830mg of sodium. The Chicken And Shrimp Carbonara has 88g of fat and the Grilled Sausage & Peppers Rustica 80g fat. That is more fat than one person should consume in an entire day.

If you are still hungry after your meal and would like to sample the desert menu, then the Strawberry Mousse With White Chocolate Cream Cake would be a wise choice. Most desserts are something that should be avoided, but this one only has 210 calories, 11g of fat, and 70g of sodium. That is a surprisingly low amount for a piece of cake.

Olive Garden has quite an assortment of unhealthy menu items, but if you chose carefully, you can have an enjoyable meal without sacrificing your diet.

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