How to Eat Healthy and Stay Low-Calorie at a Buffet - How to Keep Your Dieting Goals Without Ruining the Buffet Experience
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How to Eat Healthy and Stay Low-Calorie at a Buffet - How to Keep Your Dieting Goals Without Ruining the Buffet Experience

Going to a buffet with your friends and family is fun. For a relatively low amount you can get a surplus of food that you can eat to your heart's content. However, this very comfort of food freedom can very well be anyone's dieting downfall. Being able to eat all you want means no restraint. Find out how to keep your dieting goals with this article.

Everyone loves a buffet. It's a social experience that is akin to a party. Except, of course, instead of family members complaining and fighting over the last pizza slice, there's an unlimited amount food at your disposal. Pizza, Burgers, assorted Meats, cheeses, Nachos, Rice, Noodles, anything and everything is there for you.

But how can I person keep from ruining their diet when they have all these temptations around them? It's easier than you think! Try these buffet tips to keep you from extending your belt.

Start at the Salad Stand

I know, I know. The first thing you want to do when you head into a buffet is to go for the fatty food. You don't want to go to the salad stand right?

Don't worry! Just waddle up to the salad and take a few celery sticks, lettuce leaves, and maybe even an apple. Vegetables are healthy and have an extremely low amount of calories, so you don't have to feel guilty about overloading your plate. Also, vegetables have dietary fibers that make you feel full. When you eat a whole plate of vegetables, you can guarantee that you will feel full and proud of your choices, and not sick to your stomach an hour later.

Oh, but skip the dressing if you will. That stuff is just as bad.

Stay away from Shiny Foods

A usual rule for me is to stay away from any food that shines. This can be anything - pizza, meats, doughnuts, coconut shrimp, etc.). When something shines, this means one thing - oil. An extremely shiny dish means that oil is caked on top of it giving it that certain reflection. You want to eat foods that are a barely shiny (if at all), but not overloaded with fats.

Walk once around the Buffet, and then Eat

When most people visit a buffet and grab their plate, they will pick up anything they see from beginning to end. When they finally reach the conclusion of their buffet madness, their plate will look akin to a food-filled mountain; chips on top of steak on top of soup on top of rice on top of spaghetti. It's a wonder how we humans can fill our bodies with such an amount of food!

Instead of being an impulsive food taker, circle around the Buffet and observe the food before taking it. In your mind (or on a piece of paper if you have one), create your plate. Choose healthy foods and unhealthy foods, and negotiate what you can afford calorie wise.

This is a Buffet rule for me: There has to be only one main dish, two leafy or fruity sides, one item that is unhealthy, and some other item. I stay away from rice and noodles since they are carb-filled and high calorie, and are often white and processed.

With these Tips you can become a successful Buffet Eater!

Always keep in mind your dieting goals when you go out, especially at a Buffet. Only then will you still be able to lose weight.

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