Are Hot Wings The Most Dangerous Food For Your Health?
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Are Hot Wings The Most Dangerous Food For Your Health?

Hot Wings are a popular item at many casual restaurants. There are several restaurant chains that center their menu on hot wings and even have them in the name of the establishment. Just how nutritious are hot wings? The statistics say that they can be quite bad for you in many areas.

Hot Wings are consumed by the thousands every day. Some people will eat a plate full of them in one setting. In spite of their enormous popularity, there is one big problem. Hot wings are very unhealthy. If you eat just one, the numbers are not too bad. The problem is that people don’t eat just one; they eat several in one setting. The nutrition facts of hot wings are staggering. Most restaurants that serve hot wings don’t try to advertise the nutrition facts because they can be quite alarming. Many pizza restaurants serve hot wings and the numbers can be very eye-opening.

Pizza Hut serves several kinds of hot wings ranging from Hot Buffalo Wings to Garlic Parmesan. Their traditional wings average 120 calories 6g fat and 500mg sodium. Hot wings are actually small portions so if you ate 12 of them that would be 76 of fat and 6000mg of sodium. Both of those numbers exceed the daily recommended amount for an adult for an entire day. Pizza Hut also serves crispy wings which have 230 calories and 15g of fat. A dozen of the wings amount to 2760 calories and 180g of fat. The Garlic Parmesan version has 25g of fat per wing. You read it right – 25g per wing.

Papa Johns has Buffalo Wings that contain 85 calories, 6.5g fat, and 535mg sodium per wing. It only takes 5 of these wings to get a day’s worth of sodium. Ten of them will be all the fat you should consume in an entire day.

Hooters is famous for their hot wings. Trying to get their nutrition data is no easy task. The wings at Hooters vary in calorie content from 80 to 150 depending on the type. They also have 10-15g of fat per wing. The problem is that it does not end there. The dipping sauces for the wings average 8-12g of fat. A dozen hot wings and a side of dipping sauce will easily exceed 100g of fat.

There are several restaurants that focus just on hot wings and Buffalo Wild Wings is one of them. Their wings average 75-120 calories and 5-7g fat per piece. A side of ranch dressing at Buffalo Wild Wings has 32g of fat. Eat 6 wings with a side of ranch and that is you fat limit for the entire day.

Chili cheese fries at most restaurants has more fat and sodium than almost any other menu item. However, when you compare items ounce to ounce, nothing ahs more calories, fat, or sodium than hot wings. If you had one plate of hot wings a week, you would surely gain weight and your blood pressure would soar. Hot wings may be a great finger food, but they are a diet killer and dangerous for your health.

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