10 Restaurant Items With The Most Sodium
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10 Restaurant Items With The Most Sodium

These are 10 restaurant dishes that have the most sodium content.

Restaurants have been increasing the amount of sodium in their dishes at an alarming rate in the past few years. Sodium leads to high blood pressure which can cause strokes. High blood pressure can be controlled by medication, but the best way is to cut down on your sodium intake. The average person should consume no more than 2300mg of sodium per day, but many restaurant items far exceed that amount.. Here are 10 restaurant dishes that that have a shockingly high amount of sodium.

Denny’s – Spicy Buffalo Chicken Melt Sandwich – 3760mg

Chicken is usually a good alternative to beef when it comes to choosing a healthy meal. Unfortunately, Denny’s has added cheese and a spicy sauce that makes this sandwich just loaded with sodium.

Olive Garden – Tour Of Italy – 3830mg

The Tour Of Italy at Olive Garden comes with lasagna, breaded chicken parmesan, and fettuccine alfredo. Any meal that contains an alfredo sauce is usually going to be high in sodium. This is one of the worst Italian dishes on the market in terms of sodium.

Schlotzsky’s – Deluxe Original Style (medium) – 4084mg

The sandwiches at Schlotzsky’s are round instead of the oblong-shaped ones at most sandwich shops. The Deluxe original has 3 kinds of meat and 3 kinds of cheeses. It also has double the amount of meat as the Oriinal. Schlotzsky’s only has small and medium sizes on their menu. Can you imagine what the sodium content of a Deluxe Original Style would be if it came in a large size?

Quiznos – Chicken Bacon Dipper w/cheese and dressing (large) -4199mg

Sandwiches are supposed to be the healthy alternative to burgers but somebody forgot to tell that to Quiznos. It would probably be wise to skip a sandwich that has bacon, cheese, and dressing on it.

Red Lobster – Admirals Feast – 4300mg

The Admiral’s Feast comes with scallops, clam strips, and flounder. All of the items are fried, which is going to raise the fat content to go along with the 4300mg of sodium. The amount of sodium listed does not even include the salad or cheddar biscuits.

Cheesecake Factory – Spicy Cashew Chicken – 4450mg

Most Chinese dishes are a healthier alternative to other foods at restaurants but the Cheesecake Factory has a knack for turning almost anything into a health nightmare. This is just one of several items they have over 3500mg of sodium.

Taco John’s – Bold Buffalo Wings 1lb – 5430mg

Buffalo wings are notorious for containing a lot of sodium, but Taco John’s takes it to a new level. Even if you split this with a friend, you would still have more than a day’s worth of sodium on your plate.

Applebees – Sizzlin Skillet Fajitas – Beef – 5630mg

Who knew that fajitas would have so much sodium? Actually it is not the fajitas themselves, but all the extras such as cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. Plain fajitas and tortillas would have less than half of the listed sodium.

On The Border – Stuffed Jalepnos w/ original Queso sauce – 6050mg

Appetizers at restaurants usually have very high amounts of sodium, but this one stands out among all the rest. They must practically stuff these with salt shakers.

Chili’s - Jalepeno smokehouse Burger w/ranch (with fries) – 6600mg

The best has been saved for last. This one burger and side order of fries has nearly 3 day’s worth of sodium. The biggest culprit is the ranch sauce. Eliminate ranch dressing from your diet and you will cut down tremendously on sodium.


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Comments (2)

Mark thank you for this excellent article.

We do not have any of these in G.B. or in Italy, and that includes "alfredo sauce", whatever it is, so I do not need to worry about what is in them. however this is a good choice of article for people who eat these food stuffs.