10 Restaurant Dishes With the Highest Fat Content
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10 Restaurant Dishes With the Highest Fat Content

Most people think that fast food restaurants have the worst nutrition values, but most casual and fine dining restaurants have dishes that are higher in almost every category. Eating out can be bad for your diet and can cause weight gain if you are not careful. Here are some of the worst restaurant dishes in terms of fat content.

Most of the items on this list are appetizers. This goes to show you that items that are deep fried or covered in sauces raise the fat content dramatically. The recommended daily allowance of fat for an adult is 65g. These 10 items go far beyond that amount.


Chicken & Spinach Salad


A salad that has chicken and spinach would normally be a good item to order. The dressing and all the extra add-ons makes this salad one to avoid.

Ruby Tuesday

Triple S Riblet & Classic Creamy Macaroni & Cheese


Ribs are usually high in fat content no matter where you get them. Add some macaroni and cheese and you get a very unhealthy combination.


Meatball Sandwich w/fries


Most Italian restaurants have several dishes with a high fat content but this one is unusual. You would expect a dish with Alfredo sauce to be at the top but instead it is a sandwich. This sandwich however contains sauce and a hefty side of fries. This is a sandwich to avoid.


Nachos Fiesta


The Nachos Fiesta comes with just about everything you can pile on chips. Unfortunately that also includes 123g of fat and a staggering 1893 calories.


Aussie Cheese Fries Regular


Cheese fires from steak restaurants seem to have a high fat content no matter where you get them from. Outback has a menu that is normally fairly low in fat content until you get to this item. Avoid the appetizers and you will avoid the high fat items.


New England Fish and Chips


Fried fish and French fries is never a healthy meal but Applebees takes it to a new level. This meal has more than twice the daily recommended level of fat.

On The Border

Border Sampler

142g appetizer

If you want to sample a little bit of all the appetizers at On The Border, it will put a huge strain on your diet.. This plate has a combination of chicken quesadillas, steak nachos, and chicken flautas. You would have to share it with two friends not to exceed the daily recommended limit of fat.


Texas Cheese Fries W/chili and ranch

144g fat

No one would expect cheese fries with chili and ranch dressing to be healthy but this appetizer is really over the top. Even if you share it with a friend it would still be more than an entire day’s worth of fat.

Red Robin

Three For All


The Three-For-All is an appetizer combo at Red Robin that contains onion straws, steak fries, sweet potato fries, and 4 kinds of dipping sauce. The fat content is 162g if you consume everything. If you skip the sauces, the fat content drops to only 58g. The calorie and sodium content also drop in half. Whatever you do – skip the sauce.

Colton’s Steakhouse & Grill

Cheese Fries


Colton’s Steakhouse & Grill is a chain that has locations in the Midwest and Ohio valley. They have 3 different appetizers that exceed 150g of fat. Their salads are almost as bad. Colton’s has 3 different salads that exceed 75g of fat.

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